• Coach Daphine

What do you Believe?

All things are possible to them that believe? The bible doesn't say only the good things you believe are possible will be possible. It says ALL THINGS!! What you believe is what is possible. If you believe you can start a business and take it to Multi Million Dollar Status, then you can and if you start the business you most assuredly will. If you believe you can be a failure and you are stuck in your current situation you will be a failure and you will stay in that situation.

Time to believe you can and you can right now. Without talking to anyone but yourself, ask yourself, "What do I think/believe is possible?" Did you get that belief from years of hearing someone else say that? Do you find yourself saying you can't do it or the last time you tried it you didn't do it? Do you think about something you want and a voice rises up in you and tell you it's impossible? Does that voice say, "What makes you think you can have that, do that or deserve that? Start telling yourself, "I deserve it because God said I deserve it. God promised to provide it!" Speak good things to yourself starting this moment and every moment forward. Tell yourself how awesome God thinks you are until you believe you are because you deserve to have the best life has to offer.

What do you believe?

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