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Believe God

I was reading Hebrews 1-6 from The Living Bible. The one thing kept lunging out at me and boy was it a reality check. The children of Israel didn't enter His rest because they didn't believe Him. He said they didn't receive the promises because they didn't believe Him. Then the ultimate, the writer of Hebrews stopped saying they didn't believe Him and started saying they sinned against God. How about that? Then it says if we aren't careful we will be in the same situation. Missing out on God's best because of unbelief. No matter how much you want to have the promises in your life you can't receive them if you don't Believe Him. You can't just say you believe Him if your amen a scripture you are familiar with and it makes you feel good, that's not faith. Faith is a real thing that provides comfort. Faith provides a peace...a rest.

All of God's promises are for today. Not next week, next month or even next year, but right now. Just like with Abraham believed God and received everything God promised him. So will we. If we believe Him. God didn't require Abraham to do a bunch of stuff just believe. We declare we are the seed of Abraham but do we really know what that means. Do we really understand what it means when Abraham moved without knowing where he was going? He was expressing his unwavering trust in a God he didn't know, a God that introduced himself as "El Shaddai"!! A God that showed up making promises. That same God comes to us with the same approach but we have so much more information to base our trust upon. If you are having trouble with knowing if you are hearing from God or your trust is wavering then you need to get in the word for as long as it takes. When you get a revelation and your confidence raises up to the level that you know that your know, then you can REST in the fact that God will fulfil His promises. God is purposeful!! Our responsibility is to do what we need to do to believe Him.

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